Flying for Gary D

I grew up in an aviators enviroment.I started with first seeing an aeroplane flying around the ceiling of the house with a battery powered propellor ,built models,gliders,hand lines and radio controlled planes.

I was involved in a car accident and thought i would never fly let alone pass final year at high school.At the first chance i took too the skies in a hanglider soaring with the Eagles.

I had a payout from the accident and years later started with my Student Pilots Licence.Normally its possible to go solo after 15 hours of flying ,it took me 30 hours.The ground work was fairly ok.It was time for my restricted radio licence ,out of seven people only two did not get passed the test on the first attempt  ,it was me and a guy who spoke broken english,but i got it .I overheard an Air traffic controller say that i was the village idiot i would never get my licence.After years of trying i moved to all the clubs around me and passed my Private Pilots Licence at .

After many years of flying  i studied for Commercial Pilots Licence ,the groundschool was short and after many attempts passed after 2 years.